Edge Safety Eyewear ANSI Z87.1+

Edge’s ANSI Z87.1+ compliant collection represents more than 25 years of designing, testing and delivering premium safety glasses. Edge Eyewear is constructed from premium materials for lasting durability and impermeable protection. Advanced technologies, including available polarized lenses and the Vapor Shield anti-fog, make the Edge Eyewear collection ready for any environment. Edge Eyewear frames are styled to go from the workday to the weekend.

The Edge Banraj is a military grade impact resistant safety glass sure to keep your vision safe in a comfortable and affordable package. Can you imagine one pair of eyewear that can do it all from the range to the jobsite, and the weekend to the workday?
The Edge Brazeau is here to prove that safety glasses don’t need to be so “safety glasses.” Out with uncomfortable frames, outdated technology and unsightly designs, and in with this performance eyewear that’s as fit for the river as it is the jobsite.
The Edge Dakura is simple, comfortable, stylish eye protection in an affordable package. From heavy-duty jobs to lightweight tasks, the wraparound frame, flexible construction and ballistic rating are sure to comfortably defend eyesight.
The Edge Dawson was built to defy the norms of conventional, uncomfortable safety eyewear. When it comes to safety eyewear, what’s more important than confort? After all, what good are safety glasses if they aren’t comfortable enough to wear when needed most?
The Edge Delano G2 was designed to make safety professionals jobs easier and tired-of-dreary-protective-eyewear workers safer. Its confortable fit and advanced features make it a clear choice – on or off the jobsite.
Here it is: The Edge Kazbek is the one safety glass to go from the jobsite to the drive home, to the river on the weekend and everywhere in-between. The Edge Kazbek sports a designer style, advanced features and rugged construction – all in an accessible package that won’t break the bank.
The Edge Kazbek XL safety glasses were designed for those who need a wide-fit frame, shatter-proof lenses and comfort-improving details. With available polarized lenses, the Kazbek XL can easily double as your next favorite pair of Z87+ approved polarized safety glasses for the workday or the weekend. When things go sideways, you can rest easy knowing the Kazbek XL has you covered
The Edge Khor G2 was born to disrupt the protective eyewear industry. Its sporty style, comfortable frame and feature-rich design make it as suited for work as for play. Why can’t safety glasses be as stylish and confortable as they are functional? Edge Khor G2 is both!
Shhh… it thinks it’s an expensive designer sunglass. The truith is that The Edge Mazeno Slim Fit is a safety glass that’s as stylish and comfortable as it is protective. And it comes at an accessible price – unlike designer sunglass brands.
The Edge Nevosa was designed with the unique needs of mid- to high-volume safety glass consumers in mind. It can help save money by ridding the need for constant replacement of less durable safety glasses, plus help keep crews safer with its comfortable and easy-to-wear design.
The Edge Ossa was designed to keep those who require prescription frames safe. This over-the-glass (OTG) safety eyewear was designed with compliance, comfort and function in mind.
The Edge Pumori delivers long-lasting and hard-working protection. Safety glasses have never looked better and offer all the benefits of the original, but with glare-blocking superpowers.The Edge Pumori’s blade-style design offers unobstructed peripheral coverage to keep you safe, no matter the environment.
The Edge Reclus is a stylish, comfortable and protective eyewear companion for whatever challenges the day presents. With straight temples and Edge’s Tapered Lens Technology (TLT), these are a sure no-headavhe safety eyewear solution.
The Edge Revelstoke were designed to bring long-lasting protection and lightweight comfort. Whether you’re wearing them on the river, the job site, the dusty trail or just around town, the Revelstoke’s oversized lens offers goggle-like coverage with a wrap-around design and anti-slip details that will make you forget you’re even wearing them.
Why have one pair of sunglasses for the weekend and a safety-rated pair for bright days on the job? That’s the same question we asked when we designed The Edge Robson. The adjustable thermoplastic rubber (TPR) nosepiece adds a flair of comfort only seen in much more expensive sunglasses. After all, you want to want to wear your safety glasses when you need them most, don’t you?
Medical professionals, safety directors and lab techs: The Edge Salita was built for you.  The lightweight design, loupes-compatible bridge and anti-fog technology answer the call of professionals seeking uncompromising safety goggles.  With a variety of impact-resistant lens choices, there’s a pair of Salitas for virtually any environment.   With tinted lenses, these make for an uncompromising pair of work sunglasses.  And with clear lenses, these are the perfect pair of affordable Z87+ safety glasses.
The Edge Viso was designed to rescue high-volume safety glass consumers from throwing money away on flimsy, unreliable eyewear–all while making safety professionals’ jobs easier.
The Viso is an affordable, durable and comfortable safety eyewear solution.
You work hard and expect your eye protection to do the same. You need Z87+ safety glasses that are rich in features, not on price.   Maybe you’re tired of safety glasses letting you down with outdated technology, cheap construction and a poor fit.  Meet The Edge Zorge G2.  The Zorge comes with a flexible nylon frame for comfort, thermoplastic rubber (TPR) nosepiece for anti-slip properties, scratch resistant lenses and a comfortable, wrap around fit. And it’s all wrapped in a comfortable and lightweight package, so you can enjoy them as much on the job site as off.