The Edge Dakura is simple, comfortable, stylish eye protection in an affordable package.  From heavy-duty jobs to lightweight tasks, the wraparound frame, flexible construction and ballistic rating are sure to comfortably defend eyesight.   

  • ANSI Z87.1+ / MIL-PRF 32432-A compliant 
  • Molded nose bridge 
  • Frame constructed of flexible, durable nylon composite 
  • Available in a variety of lens tints 
  •  Lenses block 99.9% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays 

SW111 Black Frame, Clear Lens MSRP $14.99
SW111VS Black Frame, Clear Vapor Shield Lens MSRP $22.99
SW11-IR3 Black Frame, IR3 Light Welding Lens MSRP $16.99
SW11-IR5 Black Frmae, IR5 Medium Welding Lens MSRP $16.69
SW116 Black Frame, Smoke Lens MSRP $14.99
SW116CF Forest Camo Frame, Smoke Lens MSRP $13.99
SW118 Black Frame, Blue Mirror Lens MSRP $14.99
SWAP119 Black Frame, Aqua Precision Red Mirror Lens MSRP $16.99
TSM215 Black Frame, Polarized Copper Driving Lens MSRP $35.99
TSM216 Black Frame, Polarized Smoke Lens MSRP $35.99
TSMAP218 Black Frame, Polarized Aqua Precision Blue Mirror Lens MSRP $35.99
GSW111 Black Frame w/ Gasket, Clear Lens MSRP $17..99
GSW111VS Black Frame with Gasket, Clear Vapor Shield Lens MSRP $27.99
GSW11-IR3 Black Framw with Gasket, IR 3.0 Light Welding Lens MSRP $22.99
GSW11-IR5 Black Frame with Gasket, IR 5.0 Medium Welding Lens MSRP $22.99
GSW116 Black Frame with Gasket, Smoke Lens MSRP $17.99
GTSM215 Black Frame with Gasket, Polarized Copper “Driving” Lens, MSRP $40.99