The Edge Pumori delivers long-lasting and hard-working protection.

Safety glasses have never looked better and offer all the benefits of the original, but with glare-blocking superpowers.

The Edge Pumori’s blade-style design offers unobstructed peripheral coverage to keep you safe, no matter the environment.

  • Lightweight frame with available anti-fog technology
  • Shatter-proof construction
  • Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) details on the nosepiece and temples serve up a comfortable, non-slip fit.
  • Any lens you choose in the Pumori lineup blocks 99.9% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays.
  • Scratches are always kept at bay with a triple-dipped anti-scratch coating.

XP411 Black Frame, Clear Lens MSRP $19.99
xp411VS Black Frame, Clear Vapor Shield Lens MSRP $24.99
TXP415 Black Frame, Polarized Copper Driving Lens MSRP $40.99
XP416 Black Frame, Smoke Lens MSRP $19.99
XP416VS Black Frame, Smoke Vapor Shield Lens MSRP $24.99
TXP416VS Black Frame, Polarized Vapor Shield Smoke Lens MSRP $49.99
XPAP418 Black Frame, Aqua Precision Blue Mirror Lens MSRP $19.99
XPAP419 Black Frame, Aqua Precision Red Mirror Lens MSRP $19.99