If it has an engine, we can protect it!

FuelMedics unique water dispersion technology sets us apart.  Water is attracted to your fuel by ethanol.  Once moisture and fuel combine, it expedites the formation of gums, oxidation and will eventually cause phase separation.  FuelMedics effectively removes water from the fuel where others just stabilize the fuel.  All FuelMedics products are concentrated formulations that provide a cost effective means of treating many gallons of fuel.

    Preventive products will:

  • remove water by dispersion technology and prevent phase separation.
  • atomize fuel into smaller droplets for better performance.
  • stabilize fuel for up to 2 years.
  • safely dissolve gums, varnishes and carbon deposits.
  • increase lubricity of engine components.
  • inhibits corrosion.
  • eliminates algae from fuel.
Ethanol Medic
Fuel Tank Medic
Diesel Cleaner